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A surprisingly strong recovery..

SPAIN is, as ever, in transition. Two old totems of pride, King Juan Carlos and the national soccer team, have crashed and burned. The now ex-king handed the throne to his son, Felipe VI, on June 19th, a day after Spain’s trophy-laden soccer stars were booted out of the World Cup. Fortunately the country has meatier reasons for cheer…

IBI Tax on Undeveloped Land Set to Plummet

OWNERS of land classified as ‘developable’ will no longer have to pay full residential property rates for their annual IBI taxes, the Supreme Court has ruled…

Home sales rose for ninth consecutive month in May

According to recent data released by the National Statistics Institute, the number of transactions on home sales in Spain registered growth of 6% in May..

Spanish Transactions Rising Thanks to Foreign Buyers

Spain’s housing market continues to recover, amidst continuous improvement in economic conditions. House prices are still falling. But the good news is, property demand has already picked up, thanks to foreign home buyers.

Spanish Property Market Recovery set to continue in 2016

Looking ahead to 2016 it looks as if the Spanish house market will continue to recover but the latest data shows it is still a rollercoaster and growth very much depends on location.

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